Nila Book Series by Daniel G Linsteadt

The Nila Series

The Nila story was created out of my love for the ocean and my unending questions of why do I exist, and what is the purpose of life.

Battered Seashell Battered Seashell

After a winter storm, my wife and I walked the Coronado Island beach. The summer accumulation of sand had been stripped away by the aggressive waves and the sand dollars with it. Left behind was an exposed pile of rocks that required work to traverse. Scattered about the jagged stones were large pink and opalescent spiral shells. Surprisingly, many of them were only cracked or chipped…the seagulls had yet to discover the awaiting treasure. Life still twitched within each intact shell as I touched the exposed flesh. Positioning myself on a rock, I rubbed it’s outer shell with my thumb and gazed beyond the waves to watch the rough water pulsate shades of gray. The meaning of life once again drifted through my mind, and that thread easily shifted to how it might be to live in the ocean. In that instant, a Nila swam into my life, and grinned.

Nila ~ Water by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila ~ Water (Book One): An unusual medical treatment leads Seth into a heroic role in a mystical life based on his father's bedtime stories of the oceanic Nila race.
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Nila ~ Air by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila ~ Air (Book Two): Boredom and heartache force Seth to decipher visions shown by the mysterious Her, which leads to self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions.
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Nila ~ Fire by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila ~ Fire (Book Three): Tragedy strikes in the swimmers new-found paradise, which causes Seth to lose his way. Will all Nila come together to save Seth and themselves?
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