Nila Air (Book Two)

Nila: Air (Book Two)

Nila: Air by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila Air, in the second book, Seth discovers the perilous motives behind his father’s heartless actions that caused his debilitated health, isolation, and suffering. Now reborn on a new pristine world, Nila are determined to rebuild their community and face any new challenges.

Finally living as a true Nila, Seth must learn how to deal with the withdrawals of his former human life. Boredom and heartache force Seth to search within himself for his meaning and purpose while his relationship with Kate deteriorates with the presence of Raymond, who becomes the Red Crystal Bearer that Seth and his father previously held.

Seth’s connection with the mysterious Her—Nila’s spiritual leader—intensifies as he attempts to decipher new visions from Her. Straying from Nila protocol, Seth discovers a new threat—the current winged inhabitants. Boredom quickly turns into adventure and self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions. Can Seth bring peace between his Nila family and the inhabitants, and does he have time?

"Thanks to Seth, the Nila have found a new home, but once they start exploring they realize their new world might not be the paradise they hope for. There is minimal plant life, very few aquatic animals, and fleas, Zerths, constantly nipping at them. To complicate matters, Seth learns the swimming Nila aren't they only Nila on the planet. On a nearby island, flying Nila prepare to migrate north to avoid an oncoming threat. When Seth learns that this threat will also affect his swimming family, he must convince them to leave the planet, while discovering his true purpose as Nila.
Nila: Air is the sequel to Nila: Water, and the second book in the Nila Trilogy. It is full of imaginative waterscapes and new creatures. Linsteadt has crafted another science fiction masterpiece. But the real brilliance behind it is the characters. The book is full of complicated characters with unique motivations, clouding their judgement. Some harbor grudges against Seth's dad, Sam, while other's want to protect their families at all cost. The combination makes for a spellbinding tale full of wonder. Highly recommended." – Ben Adams
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