Nila Water (Book One)

Nila: Water (Book One)

Nila: Water by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila Water, the first book in the series, emerges as a blend of the parallel realities that Seth lives in. Developing a debilitating illness with an excruciating skin condition, he has lived a life of isolation. He escapes to the bedtime stories told by his father, of a beneficent race of Nila, who live on earth and in the oceans. Suffering also the loss of his father, who abruptly disappears from his life, he becomes attracted to his beautiful, tantalizing caretaker, Kate, who shares the house entrusted to him by his father. They mutually agree he should undergo four risky treatments recommended by his doctor, Eshe, to curb his ailing condition.

The questionable intentions of Seth’s powerful father for humans and for Nila are revealed during the course of treatments. Are Seth’s real-life experiences during the treatments actually his new life in the ocean, or a result of the drug being administered? His companion in the journeys becomes a surrogate father as he trains Seth to transform between human and Nila, and to live as Nila under water. Seth’s physical health improves over the course of the treatments, convincing Seth that his experiences are real. However, his fantasies of a peaceful, free life as Nila are quickly shattered as his Nila companion reveals Seth’s destiny as a key participant in their freedom as they struggle to survive the devastation wrought upon the planet by humans, already fatal to Nila existence.

Nila ~ Air by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila ~ Air (Book Two): Boredom and heartache force Seth to decipher visions shown by the mysterious Her, which leads to self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions.
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Nila ~ Fire by Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila ~ Fire (Book Three): Tragedy strikes in the swimmers new-found paradise, which causes Seth to lose his way. Will all Nila come together to save Seth and themselves?
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